Our Plan for Rail

Bristol Rail Campaign (FoSBR) campaigns for rail at the core of an integrated transport network for Bristol, Bath and the West of England

Our Plan for Rail delivers the backbone of a sustainable transport system. It does this by taking advantage of the region’s biggest underused asset: its suburban rail network. Bristol, Bath and the West of England is crossed by railway lines. But the trains are infrequent. Many places have no local train station. And some lines are only used by freight trains.

FLIRT at Cardiff

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Some of Britain’s finest countryside can be accessed from our local train stations, along with beautiful townscapes and interesting industry. We have compiled some of our favourite walks for you to explore.

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Contractors working on new station access, Ashley Down, 25 April 2023


Rail improvements often take a long time.

Typically they can take decades from conception to realisation.

We’ve mapped out the timelines of key projects that affect local rail in Bristol, Bath and the West of England, and mapped out their timelines.

Rail is for everyone!

We campaign for sustainable, accessible, inclusive transport.

Read about who we are and how we got started, check out our current campaigns, and then

to help get better rail services for more people.

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