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  • Calendar showing Boxing Day

    Would you use a Boxing Day train service?

    Would you use the train if some services operated on Boxing Day? Many people return home after visiting friends and family on 27th December. Others travel to shops and for entertainment. Services can be very busy. Would it be better if trains also ran on Boxing Day? Network Rail often use the closure of the…

  • WESTlink Demand Responsive Transport zone map

    WESTlink Demand Responsive Transport services

    WESTlink is a new service which has replaced around forty scheduled rural bus services in the West of England. It is a demand responsive transport (DRT) service, which is booked by telephone, online, or using a smartphone app. The background to WESTlink is discussed in detail in this article on Roger French’s ‘Bus and Train…

  • Trains pass on double track near Clifton Down Station, Severn Beach Line

    How could Severn Beach Line capacity be improved?

    FoSBR support a higher frequency passenger service on the Severn Beach Line. How could capacity be improved? 

  • Ashley Down Station: Plant in site compound, 27 Feb 2023

    Ashley Down station reopening work starts!

    Network Rail contractors BAM Nuttall started work on the site of the new Ashley Down train station at the end of February 2023. WECA hope that the new station will be completed in summer 2024. Valuable extra transport link West of England Mayor Dan Norris and Bristol City Council Cabinet Member for Transport Don Alexander…

  • Innovia Monorail 300 in São Paulo, Brazil by rxgximenes0 from Pixabay

    Does Bristol need a gadgetbahn?

    A gadgetbahn is a public transport system based on alternative, unusual or untried technology. Gadgetbahns are usually promoted on the basis that they will be cheaper or better than traditional trains, trams or buses. The word gadgetbahn was coined in the early 2000’s. It combines the English word ‘gadget’ with the German word ‘bahn’, meaning…

  • Alma Church Hall, Clifton, venue for FoSBR AGM 2023

    FoSBR AGM 2023

    Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways (FoSBR) will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Friday, 24th March 2023. This year we will be holding the AGM ‘in person’ for the first time since 2020. The venue for this year’s AGM is the Alma Church Hall, 29 Alma Road, BS8 2ES, near Clifton Down station. The…