GWR: Welcome back!

Train at Clifton Down station

Train services on GWR are gradually returning to their pre-COVID-19 levels. With service frequencies getting back to normal, passengers are now welcome to come back to the railway for business or leisure.

Message from GWR

GWR interim Managing Director Matthew Golton explains the steps being taken to ensure rail travel is safe in this short video:

More trains

GWR have identified services that are used by high numbers of school students and plan for these all to be operational by the end of August 2020. Service frequencies will improve again from 14th September 2020, bringing weekday services back to 94% of the December 2019 timetable. This was the last ‘normal’ timetable before COVID-19 hit GWR train services.

Flexible season tickets

To reflect changes in working patterns, GWR have proposed two new flexible season tickets to the Department for Transport (DfT). One would allow travel on any three days in seven, and the other would allow any 12 days in 28.

This seems like a very good idea, and we hope the DfT will allow this.

Safe travel

GWR have issued a press release on safe travel.

The guidance remains much as it was. GWR are asking customers to:

  • Plan ahead – travel at quieter times where they can, buy a ticket online and in advance, and book ahead if you need travel assistance;
  • Consider others – wear a face covering unless you’re exempt, not travelling if you have Covid symptoms and consider others, not all disabilities can be seen; and
  • Stay safe – maintaining your distance wherever possible; wash your hands and carry hand sanitiser, paying contactless where you can.