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  • How could Severn Beach Line capacity be improved?

    How could Severn Beach Line capacity be improved?

    FoSBR support a higher frequency passenger service on the Severn Beach Line. How could capacity be improved? 

  • Remembering Julie Boston: 2

    Remembering Julie Boston: 2

    On Friday 9th December Bristol Amblers invited FoSBR members on a walk to celebrate Julie Boston who passed away in October.  Julie was an enthusiastic ambler, and a founder member of FoSBR. The trip was scheduled to combine a train ride to Severn Beach, with a walk around Severn Beach.  These elements happened, but with…

  • Remembering Julie Boston: 1

    Remembering Julie Boston: 1

    Graham Ellis has for many years been at the forefront of the campaign for better train and bus services through Melksham. Here he explains how Julie Boston helped motivate the Wiltshire campaign. On the day of Julie’s funeral, I travelled from home in Melksham to Canford Crematorium in Bristol, connecting to the Severn Beach line…

  • Bus/rail interchanges – the campaign continues

    Bus/rail interchanges – the campaign continues

    Earlier in 2022 FoSBR held an event in Filton and Lawrence Hill as part of a campaign to draw attention to poor quality bus/rail interchanges. As a result of this we met with an officer from the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) in June. This was a useful meeting where we had the opportunity…

  • Rail usage figures for 2022

    Rail usage figures for 2022

    The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) have released rail usage figures to 31st March 2022. With the easing of pandemic restrictions, a total of 990 million passenger journeys were made between April 2021 and March 2022. This is more than double the 388 million journeys made in the previous year (April 2020 to March…

  • Julie Boston 1934-2022

    Julie Boston 1934-2022

    FoSBR are saddened to hear of the death of founder member Julie Boston. Julie died on 28th October 2022, at the age of 88, after a short illness. FoSBR was formed in 1995 as Friends of the Severn Beach Railway to protest against the potential demise of the Severn Beach line. Services on this single-track branch line in…

  • MetroWest: slow progress

    MetroWest: slow progress

    In FoSBR’s Autumn 2022 newsletter , FoSBR member John Walker wrote a “Tale of two metros” comparing the Devon Metro with the Bristol area’s MetroWest project.  He made the point that the Devon Metro has raced ahead, whilst MetroWest plods forward making slow progress.  MetroWest continues to plod, and since September there have been updates…

  • Air and noise pollution at Severn Beach

    Air and noise pollution at Severn Beach

    Residents of Severn Beach have recently written to the Minister of State for Transport, Grant Shapps, asking for support in removing intolerable levels of noise and air pollution at Severn Beach station. Mr & Mrs Calvert, who live close to the station, acknowledge that the approx. 2,500 residents of Severn Beach value and rely on…

  • Low carbon alternatives for Severn Beach Line

    Low carbon alternatives for Severn Beach Line

    What can be done to decarbonise the Severn Beach line quickly? FoSBR supporter Shabs Hussain looks at some low carbon alternatives.

  • Cross-city trains

    Cross-city trains

    Since December 2021 Bristol has had a cross-city train service, with regular trains linking Severn Beach, Bristol Temple Meads and Weston-super-Mare. Graham Ellis recently joined friends from FoSBR  to learn how this was working. Bristol’s local railway services now link across the city – through services across Temple Meads station.  What an excellent idea – whilst…