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  • Does Bristol need a gadgetbahn?

    Does Bristol need a gadgetbahn?

    A gadgetbahn is a public transport system based on alternative, unusual or untried technology. Gadgetbahns are usually promoted on the basis that they will be cheaper or better than traditional trains, trams or buses. The word gadgetbahn was coined in the early 2000’s. It combines the English word ‘gadget’ with the German word ‘bahn’, meaning…

  • Low carbon alternatives for Severn Beach Line

    Low carbon alternatives for Severn Beach Line

    What can be done to decarbonise the Severn Beach line quickly? FoSBR supporter Shabs Hussain looks at some low carbon alternatives.

  • Rails to Clevedon

    Rails to Clevedon

    Clevedon, 18km to the west of Bristol on the Bristol Channel coast, has a similar population to Portishead. Portishead should soon, finally, be reconnected to the national rail network. Gavin Smith of Transport for Greater Bristol makes the case that Clevedon should also have its rail connection restored: Link to Regional Hub Clevedon is at…

  • Net zero by 2030: Can local rail help?

    Net zero by 2030: Can local rail help?

    We need to act rapidly if we are to avoid the worst effects of the climate emergency. There can be no doubt that unless we change the way we do things, and change quickly, the consequences for life on Earth will be dire. The current UK government target is to achieve ‘net zero’ by 2050.…

  • £30 million to ‘improve’ A4174: A good investment?

    £30 million to ‘improve’ A4174: A good investment?

    South Gloucestershire Council plan to spend £30 to ‘improve’ a 7km stretch of the A4174. Is this a good investment?

  • Electrification through Bath

    Electrification through Bath

    Electrification of the Great Western Main Line stopped short of Bath. Was this down to the Bath Preservation Trust, or Chris Grayling?

  • TfGB submits plans to speed up zero carbon transition

    TfGB submits plans to speed up zero carbon transition

    Transport for Greater Bristol (TfGB), an alliance of transport, environmental and community groups, has written to Transport Minister Grant Shapps with comprehensive proposals to speed up the transition to zero carbon emissions in the West of England. Their proposals include a rapid transit plan for Bristol and Bath, parking and traffic management plans for Bristol,…

  • Bristol Bridge closure

    Bristol Bridge closure

    Bristol City Council have announced that Bristol Bridge will be closed to private cars from 2nd Angust 2020. Why does FoSBR think the closure of Bristol Bridge is good news, and why is it important? This scheme is about much more than closing a road; it is about removing all through private traffic from the…

  • HS2


    HS2 is controversial, and it’s not on our patch. The easy option would be for FoSBR to stay neutral. But HS2 matters to everyone, especially to those of us who see rail playing a more important role in future. Fast and slow don’t mix One of the biggest problems facing the modern railway is timetabling:…