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Clevedon, 18km to the west of Bristol on the Bristol Channel coast, has a similar population to Portishead. Portishead should soon, finally, be reconnected to the national rail network.

Gavin Smith of Transport for Greater Bristol makes the case that Clevedon should also have its rail connection restored:

Link to Regional Hub

Clevedon is at least in part a commuter suburb of Bristol. The town certainly needs a strong link to Bristol, the regional hub, as part of its transport offer. Weston super Mare, Nailsea, Yate and Keynsham all have good connections, but unlike them Clevedon no longer has a rail service to Bristol.

The route from Bristol to Clevedon used the Bristol to Weston super Mare main line as far as Yatton, before turning onto a short 5.6 km branch line across level countryside to Clevedon. The reopening of this line – like those to Portishead, Thornbury and possibly Radstock – should be a regional transport strategy priority of the West of England Combined Authority.

Route of rail line to Clevedon

Most of the old rail alignment is still available, except within both Clevedon and Yatton. The following works would be required to reinstate the line:

  • In Clevedon, a new station could be provided on the edge of the town, probably at Kenn Rd river car park on the B3133 Kenn Rd. This would need to be served by a new local town bus service. Alternatively, if the service is an ultra light rail shuttle rather than a heavy rail reinstatement, an on-street route (with Green Wave traffic management) via Kenn Rd could reach a terminus at Triangle; or even offer a town loop via Southern Way, Elton Rd, Lindon Rd, Chapel Hill and Kenn Rd.
  • In Yatton, some diversion (rather than property Compulsory Purchase and demolition at Jones Close) is necessary alongside Arnold’s Way, with either a bridge over Wemberham Lane or the latter’s closure. If an ultra light rail shuttle was used, a shuttle terminus could be provided on the open land just west of Yatton station, connected to it by a short footpath.
  • A new bridge would be required to cross the M5.

What do you think?

We would like to know what you think about Gavin Smith’s proposal. Do you think this is something FoSBR should be campaigning for?

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